Sharpening Action Without ‘Convert To Timeline Animation’ + Tutorial

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Hey, hi, hello!

Until just a few weeks ago I was using ps cs 6 and spent MONTHS looking for a way to sharpen my gif without sharpening each layer separately since my version didn’t have the little ‘convert to timeline animation’ button and therefore the whole ‘convert for smart filters’ thing didn’t work either. 

By now I downloaded the cs 5 extended version with the timeline animation button but I still know that it was a huge pain in the ass that I didn’t have that option. but after some time I made an action for myself, that allowed me to sharpen up to 69 layers and now I decided to share it.

So here’s a quick tutorial on how to use the action. [behind the cut]

What you’ll wanna do first is put your caps into Photoshop as usual, whatever way you do it. The way I’ll explain it the action will work either way.

After cropping and resizing your gif - don’t do anything else yet! - you have to prepare the gif in a way the action will work. The things you’ll have to do will be ‘Make Frames from layers’, ‘Reverse Frames’, ‘Set Frame Delay’ and then ‘Flatten Frames into Layers’. The last step will make sure that the frames will have the name ‘Frame 1’, ‘Frame 2’ etc instead of ‘Game.of.Thrones.S03E10.720p.HDTV.x264-EVOLVE.mkv0020.png’ or whatever the video was called you extracted the frames from. 


But you know what? Instead of doing all these steps for every gif I was incredibly lazy and simply made an action for that too. So there you go, I put that action into the folder too, and now you’ll download both the ‘Preparation’ and the ‘Sharpening’ action.

After that, you can simply play the sharpening action.

So you simply have to do these steps: put the caps into ps > crop > resize > use action ‘Preparation’ > use ‘Sharpening’ action.

DON’T DO SOMETHING ELSE WHILE WAITING FOR THE SHARPENING ACTION TO FINISH. IT’LL DESTROY EVERYTHING. (Aka the sharpening won’t work. Just be patient for those few seconds.)

I hope the tutorial and the action help you, if you have any questions, feel free to put them into our askbox! Please like or reblog the post if you download the action or plan on using it.

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