rooneyymaraa yelled:
Thank you so much for the "sharpening action without convert to timeline." I have the timeline option available but I've always done it the layers/frame way so the action is really great for me! Thanks a bunch :D

you’re welcome! :D

April 5th ♥ 1 note

Anonymous yelled:
hi! i've seen you make actions for people without the timeline button, but they're only up to 53 frames. could you make one like this one (/post/72997276153/smooth-look-action-for-gifs-and-pictures-without) but up to 100 frames? thanks (:

actually i’m having a time problem here, but i’ll try doing it for you asap

March 21st ♥ 0 notes

In the first step of "Sharpening gifs without convert to timeline:, ie "make frames from layers" is not working for me !! Means we have to select all frames and click "make frame from layers" or by selecting only one frame we have to make frames from layers?? Am confused !! Please help me friend :( (But i have checked with both options, its not working :(

i think you have to select all layers, hun. :)

Anonymous yelled:
i saw your game of thrones gifs. where do you find the vids? do you have the cd or you find the vid in youtube? i cant find them in youtube tho. so where do you find them?

we usually download the episode, but the safer option is having the dvds and cap them

March 9th ♥ 0 notes

zoeduddde yelled:
thank you soooo much for your actions you're literally a life saver :)

you’re welcome, we’re glad you enjoy them! :)

March 5th ♥ 0 notes

Anonymous yelled:
Hello, there. Just want to ask where can i find the link for the preparation? Thank you. :)

it’s the same link as the sharpening action link, they’re in one pack! :)

March 4th ♥ 0 notes

Anonymous yelled:
Your smooth action is heaven <3

thank you soooo much!

March 2nd ♥ 0 notes

leeseuspace yelled:
thank you so much for the sharpening action sweet Jesus you are a gift from the gods

haha you’re very welcome! :)

paynefulness yelled:
oh it's ok, thank you anyway :) i have photoshop cs6, but i think i'll download cs5 extended

redownloading photoshop should fix the problem :)

paynefulness yelled:
Hi! Your tutorials have helped me A LOT, thank you! i have a question about the "Sharpening Action Without ‘Convert To Timeline Animation’ + Tutorial" because the ‘Make Frames from layers’ option is grayed out :/ do you know why? i hope you can help me, thank you:)

i’m so sorry, i wish i could help you, but i’m afraid i can’t. maybe you’re using an older photoshop version? i made the action using ps cs5 extended but it should work on most versions.