Anonymous said: Hey first of all i want to thank you for your sharpen actions they are more than useful :) your're amazing , i have spend many times searching for actions that work without the timeline thing untill i found your blog , i feel ashamed actually for asking you for more , if you can make a action like this one unbrokencolorings(.)tumblr(.)com/post/59184177819/sharpening-actions-for-gifs-download-here something that have a smooth look,and thanks anyway

we already have an action like this, you can find it here 

chuckedlikeabass said: can you do a psd for darker/contrast scenes for Gossip Girl? Maybe something for yellow or red red scenes as well? And something colorful?

sure :)

sometwine said: omg seriously thank you so much for your sharpening action because i made one myself but my settings were shit and honestly once you go through that "sharpen every frame one by one" crap you really can't do it again. you're a total lifesaver!! and i wish more people realized that cs6 doesn't have that "convert to smart filters" shit!! so annoying!

thank you so much!

Anonymous said: Can you make an Arrow PSD?

of course ;)


<3 we really appreciate it!

mmmcyrus said: I'm trying out your sharpening action for GIFS because I don't have the "convert to video timeline" button, but every time I play the action, it keeps saying "Make Frames From Layers" command not available. I'm not sure if you would know what the problem is, but I appreciate any help!

hi, sorry for taking too long to reply! have you tried using the preparation action before the sharpening action? i think that’s probably the problem honey.

Anonymous said: Hello! I love your tutorials and they are very helpful. Thank you for putting so much time into all of this! Although I do have a question, I downloaded your sharpening action but I can't seem to download/find your preparation action that you said had to be done before sharpening? Thanks!

First of all, thank you sooo much <3
Now, answering your question: you can find the preparation action in the same file as in the sharpening action. 

Anonymous said: hey, what psd did you use for the white walkers of GoT?

that was a solveig’s gif BUT I think it was psd #3

Anonymous said: i drag it at the end as always and it's not showing on all layers oh god

would you mind showing me a print screen so I can see it better and know how to help?

Anonymous said: thank u so much for the atn i didn't have the option to convert and i was struggling,but i have a problem,my psd isn't showing on the gif,just shows on the last layer what should i do?

you should drag it the way it’s the last layer shown in your layers window. try clicking on each layer to see if the psd is visible there as well :)